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Lawyers Improve Productivity with New, Intuitive Document Assembly Module in Online Collaboration System from Elfly Technologies

NEW YORK, December 1, 2010

Legal teams work smarter, not harder, with the new document assembly module of Elfly, a real-time, online collaborative case management system from Elfly Technologies. Elfly provides law firms with tools to manage client records, work logs, appointments, tasks and documents.

Secure Accessibility Features

One of the system's unique features is the fact that the program and client records are all stored on Elfly's secure servers, which can be accessed by legal teams from any computer. This feature offers several benefits over traditional hard-disk based systems including:

  • Hassle free: Online-based Elfly requires no software on your side and minimal hardware requirements.
  • Readily accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Significantly lower IT cost. We maintain the system so you don't have to.
  • Always up-to-date. Elfly system is updated in real time.
  • Better security against data loss with automated backups.
  • Military-grade security against data intrusion with trusted SSL.

The database can be updated from a courtroom, client site, or vacation retreat and the team has immediate accessibility to the most up-to-date version of the client records in a totally secure environment.

"The software is housed in our secure private cloud," said Richard Lin, president of Elfly Technologies. "It has many advantages including better service, lower IT cost, reduced risk, and more productivity."

"Elfly keeps our team always connected across time and locations," said Hedwin Salmen-Navarro, Esq. "I can be on a trip out of the country and still work as I do in the office."

Document Assembly Features

Elfly document assembly features significantly cut time spent producing legal documents, boost productivity, eliminate manual typesetting, reduce typographic errors, and minimize the need to re-enter the same information. In addition, Elfly can process complex logic to meet your most stringent needs in documents. Documents are assembled in PDF format to ensure it prints the same wherever they go, and it allows Elfly to offer professional document design services.

"We understand that your documents are the face of your practice," said Lin. "Our system delivers unprecedented results. We're pushing the envelope of document assembly technology."

"We have a lengthy retainer document that took 20 minutes to prepare. Now with Elfly, it takes me less than 30 seconds," said Eva Lam, an administrator at Salmen-Navarro Associates, "and our documents look stunning with Elfly's professional design."

Elfly features integrated Forms Automation. Filling out forms in Elfly is easy and intuitive. You get to see the familiar forms, and the fields are automatically populated from the database. If you know how to fill in a form by hand, then you know how to fill it in using Elfly. The only difference is that Elfly can do it much faster. Once you filled out one form, the information will be stored and made available to other forms and documents.

"We believe in software adapting to business, not business adapting to software," Lin said. "We will make sure it is painless to implement our system."

Elfly is specifically designed for today's most demanding knowledge workers. The applications of Elfly range from case management at law firms to coordinating projects in non-profit organizations.

"Elfly is addictively easy-to-use. It's a productivity power tool: Less time getting to the case. More time working on the case," said Alfanso Ramos, Esq., who uses Elfly.

"Lawyers can collaborate better with Elfly and manage cases with zero friction. Hundreds of teams use Elfly to collaborate and manage cases online," said Lin. "Every day the world's most demanding offices in the United States depend on Elfly. It is the top choice for law firms and non-profit organizations."

About Elfly Technologies

Founded in 2004, Elfly Technologies, LLC develops expert IT solutions for legal and non-profit organizations. Over the years, we have gained valuable experiences which have resulted in the Elfly online system that our clients love. Our in-house IT and Legal experts are making enhancements and innovations every day.

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