Case Management = Communication.

Elfly brings the team together across locations and time.

Log your work

Never miss another important note. The Elfly system keeps all your notes about a client. All notes are automatically dated and entered into a chronicle list of events for the client record.



Organize Information

Keep all related documents and data all in one place. When you open a client case, all your materials are there.


Search Everything

Locating information fast with QuickFind technology. Search by name, phone number, SSN, DOB. You can even search by part of the name, etc.

Shared Calendars and Task Lists

Appointments, Tasks, Deadlines, and Chronicle of Events.



Manage Appointments

Sharing your schedule is zero-hassle with Elfly. Be it an appointment or a task, Elfly provides a set of shared Date Book for all your scheduling needs.




Shared Calendar

Elfly comes with shared calendars and task management tools built in. There is no need for expensive and cumbersome Microsoft Exchange Servers or daily meetings to stay in sync with one another. Your team schedule is always accessible from anywhere your team may be.



Task List

You can create a task and assign it to the appropriate person. Or everyone can jump in whenever they're free.

Elfly is all about sharing.

There is no exception when it comes to files.

Instant File Sharing

Elfly enables you to share your files across the world, instantly! As soon as you upload your file, it's available to your users world wide immediately, all without delay.

That's the power of a real time systems!


Automatic & Secure Backup

Don't kid yourself with the external hard drives. The client data is vital to your organization's well being. Elfly stores files in industry leading data centers, and all your files are automatically backed up on a daily basis.



State of the Art Data Center

Elfly system is hosted in a State of the Art Data Center. The system runs in cutting-edge Cloud Network to ensure up time and performance.

Our team of IT professionals monitors the system and network 24/7 around the clock to ensure your data safety.


Lots of extras, ready at your fingertips.

Stunning Real Time Charts

Managing your company's performance can't be any easier by looking at visual charts. Elfly system provide you the charts in real time.



Daily Visitors Report

Knowing your office visitors volume is essential in managing your resources. The Daily Visitors List will allow you to monitor it in Real Time.



Access Log

You need to know who worked on which case, and you need it in real time. With our real time reporting system, you can find out which of your employee worked on which case at what time.